Readers are finding that
The Book On Total Sexy Health...

  • Presents new possibilities for better living
  • Introduces the most neglected aspects of human nature
  • Empowers readers to greater sexiness through self-responsible health-care
  • Begins a conversation of key topics including awareness, life, thirst of the heart, and death

I found that The Book On Total Sexy Health helped me understand my own role in my own health... and how to live life more responsibly from the inside out.

Brian M, Minneapolis MN

Read This Book . It's enlightening, authentic and 'transformational'. The insights do not disappoint. Udo Erasmus is a visionary in terms of health, and I love all of his books, but this one offers brand new ideas on a very old subject. Being sexy has always been in style. What I also like about this book - this point for Udo's many followers - is that the autobiographical information he reveals gives us background, on this important writer, who tackles subjects in his own highly original way.

Ruth (Amazon customer)

Total Sexy Health is helping me find a needed equilibrium; I read a little bit every day, it's a real meditation on how we can balance all the different parts of our own human potential.

Steve P, Edmonton AB

I love the integration of health with awareness and life-energy.   I've been looking for these missing pieces for decades; now someone is finally giving a voice to the questions that have been milling around inside me.  Thanks for your humour, insight and inspiration in helping humans explore their true potential.

Jessie R, Leicester, UK


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