The Book on Total Sexy Health

The 8 Key Parts Designed by Nature

By Udo Erasmus

International Speaker, Researcher and Health Advocate

Everyone wants to be sexy – the word we use for showing up as vital, present, attractive, admirable and vibrant – but few people know that health is sexy’s foundation. Fully sexy comes from fully healthy. What does that take? 


Life created health based in nature and human nature. Food and fitness are only one of eight parts of healthy/sexy.  Each of the eight distinct aspects of our nature, and our context, has a different function, needs a different kind of attention, goes off in a different way, and requires a different kind of intervention. Disconnection from any one of these eight removes a part of our natural, inherent, built-in sexiness. Reconnection brings it back. It’s that simple. 


The Book On Total Sexy Health is an introduction to how you can take charge of being sexy by giving each of the eight parts of nature and human nature its due.

About the Author:  Udo Erasmus

Overcoming personal challenges in life brings insights that formal education cannot uncover. Udo Erasmus' new work, The Book on Total Sexy Health, opens up new dimensions for healthy and sexy. The author was schooled in academic theory, and augmented his training with wide range of practical, real-world experiences.

Erasmus, whose background includes physical science and biosciences, psychology and self-knowledge, as well as research and the development of products, builds a pathway to "total health" by understanding how each part of nature and human nature optimally expresses itself.

Erasmus identifies the universal need: everyone wants to be sexy. But rather than espousing romantic and cosmetic ideals, Erasmus invites us to embody the true potential for sexy by accessing our 'built-in magnificence'. His ability to empower and inspire sets him apart from motivational gurus that are long on theory, but short on empowering YOU. Erasmus' “talking the talk” comes from actually “walking the walk” for decades, pioneering work in human and animal nutrition, and the development of a world-class line of foods and supplements.

As one who survived a World War, marriage dysfunction, family breakdown, and pesticide poisoning, Erasmus turned his challenges into roadmaps for others to find their way home. In setting his sights globally, to the world's eight billion people, Erasmus models that we don’t need to settle for anything less than magnificence, full presence, and boundless sexy joy!

In our digital era, many claim to have put their finger on groundbreaking self-improvement strategies. In The Book on Total Sexy Health, Erasmus taps into and conveys the undeniable pulse underlying our existence, and invites the reader along on a joyful, humorous and inspiring pathway to "a life lit up from within”.

The Book on Total Sexy Health

The 8 Key Parts Designed by Nature


    Presence, Internal Awareness: The invisible roots out of which total sexy health emerges.


    Life, Light, Energy: The crucial role of weightless, indestructible energy in total sexy health.


    Inspiration, Creativity: How these two contribute to total sexy health.


    Fitness, Food & More: The parts that food, water, air, rest and activity play in total sexy health.


    Survival Smarts: What protection and reproduction confer on total sexy health; transforming stress to safety.


    Social Ease, Connection: The role of membership, group, and integrity in total sexy health.


    Alignment with Nature: What living in balance with nature adds to total sexy health.


    Union with Infinite Awareness: The effect of big-picture reality on total sexy health.


    Composite: Emotions as a composite of the 8 key parts of total sexy health.


    Seamless: The eight key parts of nature and human nature in synergy to produce total sexy health.


    Breakdown: How each of the 8 parts gets out of line and detracts from sexy.


    Physical Disintegration: Understanding the dying process in total sexy health.


    Full Presence: Embodying total sexy health by living fully present in all of our being.


    What’s Next? What to do with your new-found age-old total sexy health


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